LAWRENCE, Ind. – The Trustee’s Office has the responsibility to maintain 14 cemeteries throughout the Township. This maintenance includes mowing, fertilizing, landscaping, tree removal and headstone repairs.

Working with volunteers from the Lawrence Police Department Explorers’ Post #160 and Primal Lawn & Landscape to provide maintenance and make repairs in one of our historical cemeteries in Lawrence Township has become an annual tradition.

This year, we were at the Hopewell Cemetery located in the 8200 block of Sargent Road. The Hopewell Cemetery was once the churchyard cemetery of the Hopewell M. E. Church, built around 1850 by Jacob Hoss and others on land donated by Jacob Hoss. The church became inactive around 1878.

This annual cleanup was made even more special because retired Lawrence Police Department K9 Officer Cassis joined our team in this annual event of honoring the memories of our past generations.