Steve and his son John getting ready to take a ride.


LAWRENCE, Ind. – On Saturday March 5, Lawrence Township Trustee Steve Talley partnered with three community organizations, The Pathway Resource Center, IndyGo, and the United
Way of Central Indiana to unveil the “Driven to Success” program. This was a collaborative effort to implement a “micro-transit” initiative designed to reduce transportation gaps for
residents of Indianapolis’ Far Eastside community.

Trustee Talley shares that “This program will address many of the food insecurity and job access challenges that face many far-eastside residents, as it expands public transportation options into
underserved neighborhoods.

We recognize that the lack of access to reliable transportation is at the root of many issues facing our community, and reducing such barriers facilitates greater access to better paying job and promotes more service options for our residents. I look forward to being a part of this important effort.”

Trustee Talley will also be serving on the Advisory Council for the project.