Please call our office at 317-890-0011 to schedule an appointment to apply for aid.

What Applicants Need To Provide

  • A valid Indiana identification card or valid Indiana Driver’s license.
    • We cannot accept out of state identification cards.
  • Social Security Cards (All members in the household)
  • Copy of a Current Lease
  • All household income for the previous 60 day period
    • Includes check stubs
    • If the applicant is missing pay stubs, a wage history report or wage history ledger will need to be provided by the applicant’s employer.
    • Social Security
    • Child Support
    • Unemployment
    • Tax Return Documentation (Applies through June)
  • Bank statements for past 60 days
  • Receipts for past 60 days (if no bank statements are available)
  • All bills for the past 60 days
  • Current Food Stamps/TANF Printout
  • Documentation of the unpredictable circumstance or unforeseeable event that directly caused the hardship
    • Police report if applicable
    • Medical bills if applicable

During an appointment at our office, residents will sit down with a caseworker to talk about their emergency and how they came to their financial troubles. In addition to explaining the assistance offered by the Trustee, our caseworkers will discuss available community programs and services that may best meet that individual’s or family’s needs.

After speaking with a caseworker, the next step is to start filling out the nine-page application. All adult members of the household are required to sign the application in our office. In addition, our office is also required to collect identification and a number of financial documents. The process will take an hour to complete and may require additional visits or phone conversations if more information is needed.

After the application process is complete, our office will have a decision for residents within three business days.

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