The next meeting of the Lawrence Township Advisory Board will be at Morris Settles Township Center Elisha Reddick Community Room on Tuesday March 21, 2019 at 6:00 pm 4455 McCoy Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46226




New Business:


  1. Approval of minutes from January 24, 2019 meeting of the Lawrence Township Advisory Board.


  1. Resolution 2019-7 Amend Resolution 2019-5  Increase in Salary for the Trustee, Employees and Township Board

Digest: As required by the State of Indiana, the resolution states positions and salaries for the officers and employees of the township for the year 2019. This form is called the Form 17 by the State Board of Accounts. This resolution is to give across the board salaries increases for the employees of the Trustee Office, the Trustee, Employees of the Small Claims Court and Township Board and add an intake coordinator position.


  1. Comments from the Trustee


  1. Comments from the Small Claims Court


  1. Future Meeting Dates


  1. Adjournment