• Utility and Rent Assistance
  • School Clothes Assistance
  • Burial Assistance


If a resident can show that unforeseen circumstances have led to financial difficulty and that short-term assistance will help them get back on track, they may be eligible to receive financial help with rent and utilities. Apply online and schedule an appointment to speak with a Case Manager at 317-890-0011.

Rent: Residents may apply for help with the current month’s rent. All back rent needs to be paid before we can provide assistance because we will work with apartment complexes and landlords to ensure that they will keep residents in their homes when receiving aid from our office.

Utilities: The Trustee may help with bills that are in disconnect status.


The new school year brings new clothing needs and the Trustee’s office is partnering with different organizations to help provide free clothing to families in need. Our office will not be accepting appointments for school clothes until July 5th. Contact our office for more details.

Required Documents for School Clothes Assistance

All applicants will be required to provide the following information. There are no substitutes for documents.

Valid Indiana issued picture ID for all adults (18+) in the household, Permanent Resident Cards, Employment Authorization Card (must contain an ID Photo), Military active duty ID, consular ID along with ITIN, or valid passport.
Birth Certificates for all children in the household (originals). No copied birth certificates will be accepted.
Social Security cards for all members of the household (originals) or ITIN number. No photo copies will be accepted.
Signed lease or mortgage statement verifying residency. It must be a current least with an expiration date after July 2016. Situations involving homeless applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis
Verification of income (ie social security, pension, child support, wages, or unemployment benefits)
If working, all pay stubs for the previous 60-day period will need to be provided.
If the applicant has no income or is not working, a quarterly wage report documenting no income will need to be provided

All applicants will also need to provide documentation from the school in which each the child(ren) is enrolled as follows:

Indianapolis Public School
Student Summary: During the summer this may be obtained at the IPS Education Center. Please call for hours 317-226-4411
Lawrence Township School
Student Demographic Form: During the summer this may be obtained from the Lawrence Education and Community Center. Please call for hours 317-423-8200
Charter Schools
Letter on school’s letterhead containing the following information:
Child’s name
Child’s date of birth
Child’s home address
Name(s) of child’s legal guardian(s)
Verification that child is registered for classes for 2016-2017


The Trustee’s office will provide for dignified funeral and burial services when family members are unable to pay for services and insurance is unavailable to cover the costs. Family members or service providers should contact our office with requests so that we can connect you with our partner cemetery and funeral homes.

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