To provide direct assistance for shelter and utilities the Trustee needs to determine that unforeseen circumstances have led to financial difficulty and that short-term aid will help residents get back on track. Eligibility for the other programs offered by the Trustee (burials, disaster relief, and school clothes) is focused mostly on financial need.

Specifically, our office will consider the following factors when determining eligibility for shelter and utility assistance:

    • Is there an immediate need or emergency?
    • What does the household budget look like? Have resources been spent on necessary items? Is there a demonstrated financial need?
    • Did unexpected circumstances or unplanned events lead to financial hardship?
    • Will short-term assistance help sustain residency in Lawrence Township?
    • Is there a future ability to maintain the household?

We know every resident is in a unique situation, so we carefully review all factors, needs, and requests before making a decision. Due to limited resources, our office is forced to use the strict guidelines explained above. However, we will always guide residents to other available resources and programs if we are unable to provide direct assistance.

2023 Lawrence Township Assistance Guidelines

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